Here are Marilynn’s CDs — you can purchase, listen to song samples, and find out more information about each CD by clicking the links below. To date, Marilynn has sold over 100,000 recordings internationally.

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Silver Lining of a Quiet Year

In March of 2020, finding the usual flow of her musical life muted by the Coronavirus pandemic, Marilynn began to compose. Études for solo mandolin. Fantasia for two mandolins. Nocturnes for mandolin & guitar. Choro, missing Rio. Highly original, quirky, lovely, sometimes funny, she has recorded 29 of those pieces here. A mandolin icon with a truly unique voice—hear what Marilynn’s musical world conjured up in a quiet year. if you prefer to download the CD, would like to preview it, or if you live outside the USA and want to order it, you can do all of those things on Marilynn’s Bandcamp page.

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$15.00 Silver Lining of a Quiet Year (CD)

Track List

  1. Fantasia: floating
  2. Fantasia: trouble in mind
  3. Fantasia: dragon dream
  4. Fantasia: holding fast
  5. Fantasia: planting gardens
  6. Fantasia: peaches
  7. Fantasia: in the dark
  8. Fantasia: morning light
  9. Fantasia: old folks
  10. Fantasia: mama said
  11. Nocturne 1: Sometimes when I am wearied suddenly
  12. Nocturne 2: Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word!
  13. Nocturne 3: I shall go back again to the bleak shore
  14. Nocturne 4: Only until this cigarette is ended
  15. Nocturne 5: Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring
  16. Nocturne 6: The light comes back with Columbine
  17. Nocturne 7: Women have loved before as I love now
  18. Nocturne 8: Tranquility at length, when autumn comes
  19. Étude violette
  20. Étude d’ombre
  21. Étude grise
  22. Étude d’ambre
  23. Étude verte
  24. Étude noire
  25. Étude blanche
  26. Étude orange
  27. Étude bleue
  28. Étude de crepuscule
  29. Saudades do Rio
Posted October 14th, 2022

Natural History

Enigmatica plays the music of Catherine Hawkes

Catherine Hawkes’ dynamic use of tone color and variation in texture give her compositions a unique and delightful sound. Whether inspired by a trip to India, inventors of the 19th century, the life of ants, or Japanese cowgirls, her music stirs the imagination. As a member of Enigmatica, playing mandola, she knows the ensemble well and has written pieces that showcase the group’s musicality. Enjoy her latest compositions! There’s a link to the recording of “Rajasthan” below.

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$10.00 Natural History (CD)

Track List

  • Views Through a Curtain
  • Steamplunk Suite
    • I. Muybridge Galop
    • II. Autoperipatetikos
    • III. Le Tombeau de Thimonnier
    • IV. Boating with Edouard
    • V. Tarantelegraph
  • Anthill Homily
  • Kobe Cowgirl
Posted October 14th, 2022

Madrugada / Daybreak


In the process of transformation there comes a moment of fundamental change, when perspective alters and a new day begins. Drawing from the past while moving forward, renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair weaves the disparate threads of her extraordinary musical career—from Beethoven to Gershwin, Pixinguinha to Piazolla, Scott Joplin to Jacob do Bandolim—into an original tapestry of rare and heartfelt beauty.

Listen:       Garoa

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$15.00 Madrugada (CD)

Track List

  1. Farrapinho A Little Rag
  2. Garoa Drizzling
  3. Um Quinto do Ludwig A 5th of Ludwig
  4. Valsa Choro No. 11
  5. Uma Coisa Feliz A Happy Thing
  6. Balbuciando Babbling
  7. Água e vinho Water and Wine
  8. Enrolado Spaceshot
  9. Corcovado
  10. Madrugada Daybreak
  11. Valsa No. 9
  12. Benzinho Sweetie
  13. Outro Verão Another Summer
  14. Eu quero é sossego I wish for peacefulness
  15. Sonatinha
Posted April 23rd, 2015

Enigmatica 3 – New American Music for Mandolin Ensemble

Enigmatica 3 coverEnigmatica celebrates its 15th year of innovative, highly acclaimed music-making with the release of its third CD, New American Music for Mandolin Ensemble. Most of these pieces are recorded here for the first time and many were written for Enigmatica. They reflect a mixture of folk, classical, Celtic, and Brazilian influences that are beautiful, accessible, and timeless. This CD embodies an American spirit and, recorded live-in-studio, showcases Enigmatica’s musicianship and mastery. Under the artistic direction of Marilynn Mair, one of the world’s leading mandolinists, Enigmatica continues to flourish. Hear the results for yourself.

Listen:       Sand Pond Suite: Red Ball Jets

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$15.00 Enigmatica 3 (CD)

Track List

  1. The Rocky Road to Dublin – Jim Dalton     3:13
  2.  After Irene – Robert N. Martel        3:41
  3.  Sonatine a 4 – Will Ayton      6:10
    Sand Pond Suite – Catherine Hawkes ( 4– 8)
  4.  Radio Flyer       3:08
  5. Up in a Swing     3:56
  6.  Fairy Ring         3:54
  7.  Fireflies        3:12
  8.  Red Ball Jets   2:06
  9. Ayton’s Farewell – Marilynn Mair       3:26
  10. Sky-Colored Lake – Robert N. Martel     2:31
  11. The Jamie Suite – Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni   5:40
  12. Enrolado – Marilynn Mair    3:50
  13. Revival – Radim Zenkl      3:34
  14. Mitten Waltz – Catherine Hawkes     2:48..
Posted November 8th, 2014

Meu Bandolim

On “Meu Bandolim,” (My Mandolin) Marilynn plays the music of Rio rodas and her own original choro with host of Brazilian friends. The pieces on the CD were written by bandolimists, to showcase the beauty of the instrument, and are performed by Marilynn in a variety of instrumental settings. Recorded live in studio, you’ll hear how Marilynn’s style has been changed by the choro music she loves, that continues to draw her to Rio, a city that has now become her second home. Released in 2010, already the CD is drawing acclaim.

Listen to the 1st track,       Siga Em Frente , posted on Mandolin Cafe.

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$15.00 Meu Bandolim (CD)

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Posted October 15th, 2009

Enigmatica — The Blue House

The Blue House is Enigmatica’s 2nd CD, and it nails down the group’s unique spot in the world of mandolin music. From the orchestral richness of Argentinian dances in “Cinco Piezas,” to the simple intimacy of “Anniversary,” the octet shifts gears with ease to create a recording with delightful variety and impeccable musicianship. The CD weaves a colorful tapestry of form and texture arriving finally at the title track, a rock-tinged blast of energy that was written for them and takes the group beyond expectations. No one sounds like Enigmatica; the group has thoughtfully created an artistic definition for mandolin octet.

Listen to the track “      Chacarera ” posted on Mandolin Cafe

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$15.00 The Blue House by Enigmatica (CD)

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Posted July 1st, 2009

Água no Feijão — Roda no Rio

The debut CD by Marilynn’s Brazilian choro band, Água no Feijão, includes traditional Brazilian choro and new compositions by Mauricio Carrilho and Marilynn herself. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, the disc is a party waiting to happen! Marilynn plays Brazilian bandolim, and the band includes tenor and soprano sax, flute, clarinet, cavaquinho, pandeiro, and guitars– 6-string, 7-string, and electric. It’s a new spin on a Rio tradition.

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$15.00 Agua no Feijao - Roda no Rio (CD)

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Posted October 22nd, 2008

Leave Something Unexplained

“Leave Something Unexplained” sends Marilynn’s music into new territories and forges new musical alliances along the way. There are duets with frequent partner Adam Larrabee on guitar and mandocello, and duos and trios with musical friends Paulo Sa and Radim Zenkl. Enigmatica adds a Bach tune, and Marilynn plays some solos, adding bass, percussion, and some of her own tunes to the mix. This is Marilynn’s most personal CD ever, and showcases the breadth of her musical interpretation and the delightful freshness of her musical vision.

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$15.00 Leave Something Unexplained (CD)

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Posted November 5th, 2006

The Mandolin in the 18th Century

The 18th century brought the “Age of Enlightenment” to Europe, and grace, elegance, and refinement to its music. Marilynn Mair, mandolin, performs original music from Vivaldi to Beethoven, accompanied by piano and string quartet. From the brilliance of Venice in the Baroque to the elegance of Vienna in the Classical Age, these beautiful pieces reflect a period of extraordinary artistic achievement for the mandolin. Marilynn Mair & Friends bring the spirit of 18th century mandolin virtuosos into the 21st century.”Best Classical CD of 2003″ –

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$15.00 The Mandolin in the 18th Century (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 2005


Enigmatica, a mandolin septet directed by Marilynn Mair, releases its first CD — Enigmatica: Baroque, Brazilian & Contemporary. From the lush tremolo of “Alma Brazileira” (Brazilian Soul) to the complex counterpoint of Bach’s “Presto,” and quirky brilliance of “Spiral Moons,” Enigmatica conjures up an intriguing musical world. Part chamber orchestra and part plucked-string double-quartet the group paints a dynamic musical panorama, ranging from intimate chamber settings to rich orchestral arrangements.

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$15.00 Enigmatica (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 2004

Nadando em Luz / Swimming in Light

Marilynn Mair’s all-choro CD features mandolin in combination with a variety of different ensembles, from duets with piano, clarinet, or guitar, to quartets and octets featuring bass, percussion, and instruments of the mandolin family. The music ranges from early 19th-century works, to the classic choro of Pixinguinha and Jacob do Bandolim, and includes contemporary pieces by Mair and her fellow performers. “Best Choro CD of 2003”- “Best of Local Artists 2002”- The Providence Journal, Providence RI

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$15.00 Nadando em Luz (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 2002

Metro – World Café Quartet

This CD is currently out of print. Plans are in the works to re-release it as an mp3 download. Check back later for more information.

“Metro” features the music of Paris, Rio, and New York, performed on mandolin, bass, percussion, melodica, accordion, & guitar. From the title track, written by bassist Nate Davis, the CD winds its eclectic way through Brazilian choro, the music of Eric Satie, French mussette, jazz standards like “Good-bye Pork Pie Hat,” and “Darn that Dream,” and original compositions by group members. Fans of Marilynn Mair’s mandolin will be surprised and delighted to hear her original accordion tunes, such as “Diablo,” “Champagne for Meredith,” and “The Brinsley Waltz,” written for WCQ percussionist extraordinaire, Brinsley Davis. Recorded in three days of live sessions, the CD exudes joie de vivre.
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Posted June 28th, 1996


“ZU” features original 20th-century music for mandolin and guitar. The highlights of the disc include Norbert Sprongl’s early 20th-century masterpiece for mandolin and guitar, an award-winning piece from the short and brilliant life of Brian Israel, and the last work of the late Viennese master, Ernst Krenek, commissioned by and written for the Mair-Davis Duo in 1989.

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$15.00 ZU by the Mair-Davis Duo (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 1995

Vienna Nocturne

“Vienna Nocturne,” nominated for a Grammy award, features European plucked-string music from the Classical and Romantic Eras performed on mandolin and guitar. It includes an exuberant version of Scheidler’s “Sonata in D,” Mozart’s songs for mandolin, two of Beethoven’s delightful original mandolin works, and a Strauss waltz with flute, violin, and cello.

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$15.00 Vienna Nocturne by the Mair-Davis Duo (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 1992

Spanish Serenade

A sensuous and lyrical recording, “Spanish Serenade” features transcriptions for mandolin and guitar of 19th-century Spanish music, along with earlier classical repertoire for the guitar and Brazilian choro. The beauty of this recording evokes the elegance of another era. The album features works by Albinez, Bizet, Pernambuco, Ponce and Granados.

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$15.00 Spanish Serenade by the Mair-Davis Duo (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 1990

The Sounding Joy

This CD is composed of some of the performers’ favorite English and traditional carols, and seasonal works of some of the great composers, in unique arrangements for mandolin and guitar. Many people claim the warmth and simple beauty of “The Sounding Joy” keeps them sane when the holiday season threatens to turn frantic.

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$15.00 The Sounding Joy by the Mair-Davis Duo (CD)

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Posted June 28th, 1988

Sip a Little New

Recorded by New England Mandolin Ensemble, 2007

Marilynn plays mandolin & mandola.
This disc includes jazz, classical, and traditional folk music sounds, and features both intricately-composed and improvised music for four mandolin-family instruments.

Listen to NEME’s recording of her composition “      East of Here ” arranged by Mitch Nelin.

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Posted October 10th, 1970

New England Yuletide

The Christmastide Musicians, 2005

and Mair & Larrabee are included in this CD of instrumental carols for the holiday season.

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Posted October 10th, 1969

Joyful Tidings

Mair-Davis Duo & Friends, 1997

The Mair-Davis Duo in original arrangements of traditional carols, recorded with string quartet & recorder.

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Posted October 10th, 1968

New England Christmastide

The Christmastide Musicians, 1988

This acoustic instrumental hit CD is a perennial favorite that features 6 tracks by the Mair-Davis Duo.

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Posted October 10th, 1967

New England Christmastide 2

The Christmastide Musicians, 1991

This follow-up CD features Marilynn’s performance and arrangements on several tracks.

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Posted October 10th, 1966

Wind in the Rigging

North Star Artists, 1994
A recording of instrumental versions of sea music, featuring Marilynn on several tracks.

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Posted October 10th, 1965

Steeple on the Common

The New England Music Collection, 1994

A recording of instrumental versions of old New England hymns, featuring Marilynn on several tracks.

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Posted October 10th, 1964
  • "Stepping back to the 18th-century masterworks gave her the opportunity to highlight her technique with a fresh light... her playing is thoughtful, vibrant and a delight to listen to." -- Terence Pender, Mandolin Quarterly (USA)
    "She’s a fabulous player with a wonderfully clear and lyrical sound." – The Ottawa Citizen (Canada)
    "A lovely concert! We estimate your spell-bound and enthusiastic audience at close to 1800 people…" - Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors (USA)
    "Mair is unstoppable… capable of evoking any landscape, past or present, you’d care to conjure." – Mike Caito, Providence Phoenix (USA)
    Bring a talented ensemble of gifted musicians together playing some of the great concertos and chamber music pieces of the 1700s, present the extraordinary classical mandolinist Marilynn Mair front and center, and you have a rare combination of the right musicians performing the right music at the right time. – David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine (USA)
    "Marilynn Mair é uma bandolinista americana de formação erudita" -- Paulo Eduardo Neves, Agenda do Samba Choro (Brasil)
    "Marilynn Mair has always had the keen ability to balance classical mandolin traditions and repertoire, while constantly breaking new musical ground…a superb and versatile mandolinist and composer." - – Butch Baldassari, Mandolin Magazine (USA)
    "The final repeat of the melody transmitted a strong feeling of peace and tenderness that escaped no one in the audience. It is this sensitivity and subtleness that characterized the overall performance." - Brian Hodel, Guitar Review (USA)
    "Marilynn Mair acquits herself very well indeed, a most accomplished player, able to deal with the many intricacies the repertoire demands of her." - Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar (England)
    "Marilynn Mair performs Brazilian mandolin music... she plays the mandolin as an instrument for all occasions." – Vaughn Watson, The Providence Journal (USA)
    "Mair displays an exceptionally gifted approach to this music, using her formidable mandolin technique with grace and sensitivity… It’s the next best thing to a trip to Rio." – David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine (USA)
    "Smudging the lines between folk and classical is an intrepid endeavor... Mair's a superb mandolin player who has brought the instrument to unexpected places..." - Jim Macnie, The Providence Phoenix (USA)
    Marilynn Mair on mandolin...touches the deepest and most engaging reaches of the ancient and passionate 'Latin soul'. - Carlos Agudelo, Billboard Magazine
    "Marilynn Mair lives up to her reputation as an excellent mandolinist, with clear tone, a beautiful tremolo, and creative expressiveness." – Zupfmusik Magazin (Germany)
    "A sparkling concert… absolutely brilliant!" – Guitar Magazine (England)
    "A brilliant concert from beginning to end…The performance was extraordinary." – La Rioja (Spain)
    "Mair travels by mandolin to Brazil and brilliance... her commitment to the music shines through." - Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal