The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2

Available from Mel Bay books and wherever fine books are sold.

In this sequel to The Complete Mandolinist, world-renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair expands on her previous method books, presenting over 100 compositions that span 5 centuries, works she has thoughtfully edited or arranged for mandolin. Each piece is accompanied by a paragraph or two of musical context, and the book also includes 24 short essays on the evolution of musical style, drawn from decades as a Professor of Music History.

Music by great composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Beethoven mixes with interesting compositions by little-known mandolin composers like Piccone, Barbella, Leone, and Gervasio, works discovered during her performing and recording career.

Concert pieces range from quite easy to very advanced, with most lying between those two extremes. In addition to music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century, contemporary pieces by some of the author’s favorite composers writing today are included. This book holds a musical world Marilynn Mair has compiled and presents to you. The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2: Music in Context, is a book you will reach for again and again.


  • The Importance of Context
  • The Creative Impulse
  • Classical Impulse – Haydn
  • Romantic Impulse – Chopin
  • The Historical Imperative
  • The 7 Elements of Music
  • The Common Practice Period
  • Repertoire
  • Concert Music in my previous Mel Bay books
  • Renaissance Music
  • Renaissance Dances
  • Dowland: Flow My Tears
  • Ravenscroft: 3 Rounds
  • Campion: When Laura Smiles
  • Dowland: My Lord Willoughby
  • Anon: Sellenger’s Round
  • Sermisy: Tant Que Vivray
  • Holborne: What You Will
  • Holborne: Fantasia
  • Barbetta: Moresca
  • Morley: La Caccia
  • Renaissance Resources
  • Baroque Music
  • Händel: Hornpipe from Water Music
  • Gabrielli: Canon
  • Strozzi: Chi brama in amore
  • Bach: Prelude from Cello Suite No
  • Bach: Courante from Cello Suite No
  • Bach: Invention 1 BWV 772
  • Bach: Invention 13 BWV 784
  • Piccone: Sonata for Mandolin
  • A Word on Ornamentation
  • Guerra: Sonata in G
  • The Gimo Collection
  • Barbella: Sonata a Due Mandolini
  • Gervasio: Sonata da Camera
  • Vivaldi: Andante from Concerto for 2 Mandolins
  • Bach: Crab Canon from The Musical Offering
  • The Fugue
  • Bach: Fugue No. 2 from The Well-Tempered Clavier
  • Corelli: Sonata in E Moll Op. 5 Nr.8
  • Baroque Resources
  • Classical Music
  • Hayes: A Canon & A Catch
  • C. P. E Bach: Duetto
  • Cauciello: Duetto I
  • Leone: Air & Variations on “De sa modeste Mère”
  • Denis: Air de Lison & Variations
  • Mozart: Komm Liebe Zither
  • Beethoven: Sonatina in C Major
  • Beethoven: Sonatina in C Minor
  • Sonata Form & Sonata Cycle
  • Mozart: Deh vieni alla finestra from Don Giovanni
  • Mozart: Die Zufriedenheit
  • Mozart: Interval Canons
  • Haydn: Minuetto I & II
  • Classical Resources
  • Romantic Music
  • Schubert: Ständchen
  • Foster: Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair
  • MacDowell: To a Wild Rose
  • Munier: Mazurka-Concerto
  • Munier: Duetto Concertanto No
  • Calace: Notturno – Cielo Stellato
  • Calace: Preludio II
  • Verdi: La donna è mobile
  • Mussorgsky: Duo
  • Paganini: Cantabile
  • Grenados: Oriental
  • Brahms: Waltz Op. 39 No.15
  • Pettine: Christmas Song
  • Pettine: My Old Kentucky Home Caprice
  • Cervantes: No Me Toques
  • Romantic Resources
  • 20th-Century Music
  • Satie: Gymnopédie No.1
  • Debussy: Syrinx
  • Ives: A Christmas Carol
  • Milhaud: Corcovado
  • Nazareth: Apanhei-te Cavaquinho
  • Bartók: Rumanian Folk Dances
  • Stravinsky: Lied Ohne Name
  • Gershwin: Rialto Ripples
  • The “Golden Age” of American Mandolin
  • Handy: St. Louis Blues
  • 20th-Century Resources
  • Waltzes, Ragtime, & Choro
  • Munier: Valzer-Cantabile op
  • Becucci: Tesoro Mio
  • Morelli: Speranze perdute
  • Blake: Queen of the Roses
  • Johnson: Dill Pickle Rag
  • Joplin: Weeping Willow
  • Lyons & Yosco: Spaghetti Rag
  • Cobb: Russian Rag
  • Conceição: Hilda (Teu Beijo)
  • Sandim: Flor do Abacate
  • Nazareth: Labirinto
  • Nazareth: Pinguim
  • Pixinguinha: Um a Zero
  • Gonzaga: Baile from Pudesse esta Paixão
  • Waltz, Ragtime, and Choro Resources
  • Contemporary
  • Kioulaphides: Prelude from Suite for Ali
  • Ayton: Variations: From Quodlings Delight
  • Boukas: Estudo Sobre Vibrações
  • Dalton: Following a Thought
  • Sá: Sem Mais Delongas
  • Tiffany-Castiglioni: Lubec Waltz
  • Simas: Meu Bandolim
  • Lopes: Manguaceira
  • Hahn: The Cat’s Waltz
  • Hartford: Family Squabble
  • Goodin: Sonata in L(ou)
  • Hawkes: Mitten Waltz
  • Acquavella: Variations on Amazing Grace
  • Martel: Music for a Summer Evening
  • Duarte: Alma de Alexandre
  • Ferreira: Teiú
  • Mair: Uma Coisa Feliz
  • Mair: Étude orange
  • Mair: Fantasia: floating
  • Mair: Garoa
  • Other Thoughts
  • Other Clefs
  • Selected Repertoire from Recordings


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  • “Marilynn Mair lives up to her reputation as an excellent mandolinist, with clear tone, a beautiful tremolo, and creative expressiveness.”

    – Zupfmusik Magazin (Germany)

    “Mair is unstoppable… capable of evoking any landscape, past or present, you’d care to conjure.”

    – Mike Caito, Providence Phoenix (USA)

    “Smudging the lines between folk and classical is an intrepid endeavor… Mair’s a superb mandolin player who has brought the instrument to unexpected places…”

    – Jim Macnie, The Providence Phoenix (USA)

    “Marilynn Mair é uma bandolinista americana de formação erudita”

    — Paulo Eduardo Neves, Agenda do Samba Choro (Brasil)

    “A sparkling concert… absolutely brilliant!”

    – Guitar Magazine (England)

    “Mair travels by mandolin to Brazil and brilliance… her commitment to the music shines through.”

    – Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal

    “Marilynn Mair has always had the keen ability to balance classical mandolin traditions and repertoire, while constantly breaking new musical ground…a superb and versatile mandolinist and composer.”

    – – Butch Baldassari, Mandolin Magazine (USA)

    “Mair displays an exceptionally gifted approach to this music, using her formidable mandolin technique with grace and sensitivity… It’s the next best thing to a trip to Rio.”

    – David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine (USA)

    “She’s a fabulous player with a wonderfully clear and lyrical sound.”

    – The Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

    “A brilliant concert from beginning to end…The performance was extraordinary.”
    – La Rioja (Spain)

    “Marilynn Mair performs Brazilian mandolin music… she plays the mandolin as an instrument for all occasions.”
    – Vaughn Watson, The Providence Journal (USA)

    “Stepping back to the 18th-century masterworks gave her the opportunity to highlight her technique with a fresh light… her playing is thoughtful, vibrant and a delight to listen to.”

    — Terence Pender, Mandolin Quarterly (USA)

    “Marilynn Mair acquits herself very well indeed, a most accomplished player, able to deal with the many intricacies the repertoire demands of her.”

    – Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar (England)

    “The final repeat of the melody transmitted a strong feeling of peace and tenderness that escaped no one in the audience. It is this sensitivity and subtleness that characterized the overall performance.”

    – Brian Hodel, Guitar Review (USA)

    Bring a talented ensemble of gifted musicians together playing some of the great concertos and chamber music pieces of the 1700s, present the extraordinary classical mandolinist Marilynn Mair front and center, and you have a rare combination of the right musicians performing the right music at the right time.

    – David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine (USA)

    “A lovely concert! We estimate your spell-bound and enthusiastic audience at close to 1800 people…”

    – Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors (USA)

    Marilynn Mair on mandolin…touches the deepest and most engaging reaches of the ancient and passionate ‘Latin soul’.

    – Carlos Agudelo, Billboard Magazine